At a glance

Maximum business group lending
Up to 70% 
Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)
Reduces the commercial lending documentation requirements


A Lease Doc loan with BOQ reduces the commercial lending documentation requirements and assesses serviceability on a standalone basis.

This means using the commercial lease of the property you're looking to buy, and the income from the lease, to service the debt of the property. This can make the process of acquiring finance for your commercial property purchase simpler and faster, helping you achieve your property goals sooner.

Why choose a Lease Doc loan?

The advantages of choosing a Lease Doc loan are that it simplifies what we need from you to assess the loan, saving you time and giving you certainty of your application outcome sooner.

What is BOQ offering?

  • Business group lending up to $3,000,000
  • Maximum loan term is the lesser of the remaining term of the lease (excluding options) or maximum interest only term
  • Maximum interest only term is the lesser of 5 years or the loan term
  • Loan-to-value(LVR) ratio up to 70% for standard commercial property
  • Pricing available on application.

What are the requirements?

  • ATO tax portal report showing all tax liabilities are up to date
    (not required for new entities)
  • Copy of signed lease agreement 
  • Signed Lease Doc Business Lending Application Form
  • Full valuation.
  • Minimum 12 months of loan statements if you are refinancing the loan from another bank.

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