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4.78 %P.A.
Owner Occupied Interest Only Rate
$ 0 
Application fee
Residential valuation*

Why choose our Personal Line of Credit?

Our Clear Path Personal Line of Credit is a flexible loan where you can draw on your available line of credit as often as you like, without having to reapply. It can be a great way of using your home equity for home renovations, investment, holidays or even for peace of mind for emergencies.

You can pay it back anytime, and you'll only pay interest on the amount you take out. 

Ongoing facility

A  facility that allows you to draw up to your agreed credit limit whenever you need it

Flexible repayment options

No minimum repayment required provided your balance remains below the agreed limit

Account access

Full account access via ATM, EFTPOS, Internet Banking

Interest rates


Loan Type

Interest rate % p.a.

Owner occupied





At BOQ, we keep our fees to a minimum. Any fees we do have we’ll show you up front so there are no surprises.




Application Fee


Monthly Fee


Valuation Fee

One free per application*


Ready to apply?

Step 1.

Check your eligibility. You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have never been bankrupt
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Earn a regular income

Important information

For important information on our Personal Line of Credit, view our Terms and Conditions.


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