Internship Application Process


Application Process

Happy woman filling out an application form

1. Application Form

The application form is your chance to tell us all about your skills and experience. You'll also need to upload your resume.


smiling man filing out an online assessment

2. Online Assessment

Once we have reviewed your application, we’ll let you know if you are successful in moving through to the next stage via email. If successful, we will send you a link to complete an online cognitive assessment to better understand your learning agility. 


Woman sitting in an interview

3. Video Interview

This stage will give us a deeper understanding of who you are, and provides a great opportunity for you to share a little bit about yourself with us. If you are successful through to this stage from the online assessment - we will send you a link to complete the video interview. You’ll be asked a few questions and you’ll need to record your responses.

team meeting assessing applications

4. Assessment Centre

As the final stage of the recruitment process we’ll invite you to attend one of our virtual assessment centres. The virtual assessment centre will give you the opportunity to hear more about the Internship Program, meet some of the Leadership Team and demonstrate your capabilities by participating in a range of interactive activities including an interview with your chosen business area.

Man happy he has gotten an internship

5. Receiving an Offer

If you are successful, we will contact you shortly after the assessment centre with the exciting news! We will then commence the relevant background checks regarding your application.

Interns first day at BOQ

6. Starting with BOQ

Our successful interns will then join our team.



For tips and hints on completing the Internship Application Process, click here.

For any questions about the Internship Application Process, please check our Internship FAQ Page or email us.