Why choose our Real Estate Trust Accounts?

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Account types

Variable at-call and fixed rate accounts available

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Exclusive control

Accounts established under the exclusive control of the eligible Real Estate/Agent

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Direct correspondence

All statements and account correspondence sent directly to the eligible Real Estate/Agent

Real Estate Investment Trust Account

Real Estate/Agents Investment Trust Account allows real estate and other agents to open an interest-bearing account to hold trust money which they hold on behalf of a client. These accounts are used when agents will hold trust money for an extended period (generally a period greater than 60 days).

Variable At-Call Account

Variable At-Call accounts are available with our Business WebSavings Account.

Earning high interest with no monthly account keeping fees and unlimited transfers.

Fixed Term Account

Fixed term accounts are available with our Term Deposit.

Be rewarded with higher interest if you deposit more than $5,000. The longer you lock in your funds, the greater return you'll receive.


Statutory Trust Accounts

QLD PAMD (Property Agents & Motor Dealers) Trust Account

  • Available to licensed property agents and motor dealers to hold funds in trust for clients in QLD only
  • Complies with trust account legislative requirements in the Property Occupations Act 2014Agents Financial Administration Act 2014, Motor Dealers and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014, and Trust Accounts Act 1973 (QLD)
  • Standard monthly account maintenance fee of $6.00 
  • Access the account via cheque book, in-branch or through Internet Banking.

NSW Agents Trust Account

  • Available to Real Estate Agents, Stock and Station Agents, Business Agents, Strata Managing Agents, Community Managing Agents and On-site Residential Property Managers in NSW only
  • Complies with trust account legislative requirements in the Property Stock and Business Agents Act (NSW) 2002
  • Standard monthly account maintenance fee of $6.00 
  • Access the account via cheque book, in-branch or through Internet Banking.


Important information

For important information on the Real Estate Trust Accounts, view the Terms and Conditions. 


What you need before you apply

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Information required

To open a Statutory Trust Account, bring the following information into your local branch. You can download the applicable checklist from here.

  • A copy of your Agent's licence (If you are in NSW, you must provide BOQ with a unique identifying number, via the prescribed from of notice provided by the NSW Office of Fair Trading)
  • Your name, address, date of birth and occupation
  • Details of the name of the account
  • Details of all signatories to the account
  • Any other name by which you or any signatories may be known (such as a maiden name)
  • The name, address and date of birth of any director, officer or authorised person of the company that the account is held in
  • Your Tax File Number (TFN) (not compulsory)

If you or any signatories on your Account are not already a customer, please contact one of our branches to determine what identification is required to open your Account.  You can download the individual checklist here. Generally you can satisfy our identification requirements by providing the following:

  • A current Australian driver's licence; and
  • A valid Australian passport.


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