• How do I access Q Rewards / Other Card Functions?

    If you have a BOQ Credit Card, you can access Other Card Functions by logging on to BOQ Internet Banking and selecting your Credit Card account number. The Q Rewards / Other Card Functions button will appear on the next page.

    Note: this will not display on the mobile banking app. 

  • What is a One-Time PIN (OTP)?

    A One-Time PIN (OTP) is a randomly generated 6-digit code which is a stronger method of authenticating your activities on BOQ Internet Banking – Q Rewards/Other Card Functions. Each time you access Q Rewards/Other Card Functions, you’ll be required to enter an OTP after the first function you select to perform. This will only be required once per session. The OTP is received via SMS to your registered mobile number.

  • How does the OTP work?

    When you access Q Rewards/Other Card Functions, after selecting a function you want to perform, you will be required to enter an OTP as a second level of authentication to add security to any functions online. This OTP will be delivered to you via SMS. 

  • I don’t have a mobile phone. How can I access Q Rewards/Other Card Functions?

    Credit Card customers will only be able to access Other Card Functions after successful OTP verification. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you won’t be able to access any Credit Card functions including Q Rewards. You can still continue to access information on your other BOQ products on BOQ Internet Banking. 

  • Do I have to enter an OTP for everything I do on Q Rewards/Other Card Functions?

    You only need to enter one OTP per session. Once you have entered your OTP, you can do as many things as you like within that session. 

  • What functions will I need an OTP for?

    To ensure the security of your online account, access to self-service options in Q Rewards/Other Card Functions will require an OTP. Once this has been completed, you will be able to view and/or amend details on your account such as:

    • Download Credit Card Statements
    • Select and Credit redemptions
    • Manage your communication preference
    • Upload documents
    • Set up direct debit payment instructions
    • Make a one-time payment
    • Request an additional card holder (ACH)
    • Activate your Credit Card
  • Why is there a need for an OTP?

    The OTP serves as a second-level authentication when you perform protected transactions on Other Card Functions. Should your BOQ Internet Banking credentials get compromised for any reason, the intruder will need to have your mobile phone to be able to access your credit card information on Other Card Functions. This is an additional security measure to protect you so you can enjoy total peace of mind when you bank online with us. 

  • My mobile number has changed and I’ve stopped receiving an OTP for Other Card Functions. How do I change the number on BOQ Internet Banking?

    OTP relies on you having the correct mobile phone number registered with us. To check, log on to BOQ Internet Banking > More > Other Services > View Personal details.

    There are a few ways to update your details if things change:

  • I have recently updated my mobile phone number, when can I start receiving the OTP?

    Once you have successfully updated your mobile number, the OTP will be available immediately.

  • Do I have to pay for the OTP?

    No, this enhanced security feature is free to all customers.

  • Can I access Q Rewards/Other Card Functions if I don’t have access to my mobile phone?

    No. You will need your mobile phone to access Q Rewards/Other Card Functions in BOQ Internet Banking. 

  • What if I don’t receive an OTP?

    If you don’t receive your OTP you can get this resent through the OTP screen. This will expire in five minutes. If you still don’t receive your OTP, go back to BOQ Internet Banking (where your accounts are listed) and check that we have your correct mobile number. 

  • How long does it take to receive an OTP to my mobile phone?

    The OTP will be sent to your mobile phone instantly. The receipt of the OTP will depend on your network coverage and may cause some delays. 

  • How long is the OTP valid for?

    The OTP is valid for five minutes and will expire, so you will need to generate a new OTP if this happens. You can do this through the OTP screen on Other Card Functions. 

  • What happens if I enter an incorrect OTP?

    If you enter your OTP incorrectly three times your access to Other Card Functions will be locked for 24 hours. You can call us to unlock your access. You can still access all other banking functions on BOQ Internet Banking even if your Credit Card - Other Card Functions is locked. 

  • Will I need the OTP to log on to BOQ Internet Banking?

    You’ll log on to BOQ Internet Banking the same way, using your Customer Access Number (or User ID) and Personal Access Code. You won’t be required to enter an OTP until you choose to access Credit Cards Other Card Functions, and select your first self-service option.

  • Can I receive an OTP when I’m travelling overseas?

    Yes, you’ll need to activate international roaming on your mobile phone before you travel overseas. Contact your network provider as the SMS may incur an additional cost.

  • Can I receive the OTP to an overseas mobile number?

    Yes, OTP is supported in a number of international countries.

    If you plan to travel and will be using a non-Australian number, please ensure you update your mobile number on our system before you leave. In case you have any question, please contact us on 1300 55 72 72 beforehand, to ensure the country you are travelling will be supported for OTP delivery.

  • Can I receive the OTP if I have call forwarding activated for my mobile phone?

    No, an OTP will not get forwarded. This would compromise your online security. Please ensure you contact details are updated.

  • Do I have to enrol for OTP?

    No, this will be available to all Credit Card customers and will be mandatory requirement before accessing Other Card Functions. This is to ensure all customers are using stronger authentication.

  • Can I upload documents online?

    Yes, you can now send us forms and requests quickly and securely through BOQ Internet Banking – Document Upload.

    The document upload facility provides the added benefit of: 

    • Speedy Delivery – Faster delivery of documents
    • Peace of Mind – Documents are received securely online
    • Convenience – Submit your docs at any time

    The following request types and documents are currently being accepted via Document Upload:

    Note: If you have a request type that is not shown in the table, the appropriate method to return is provided directly on the form. 

    Request Type Documents Accepted
    Transaction Dispute
    • Completed Disputed Request form
    • All relevant supporting documents
    Transaction/Payment Trace
    • Signed written request with trace request details
    • All relevant supporting documents
    Letter of Authority
    • Completed Letter of Authority form
    • All relevant supporting documents


    • Any document request by the Collections team
    Credit Card Application Form for Financial Hardship Assistance
    • Completed Hardship Personal Financial Summary
    • All relevant supporting documentation
    Direct Debit (Easi-Pay) Request
    • Completed Direct Debit (Easi-Pay) Request form signed by all relevant account holders

    Important: Do not upload personal identification documents such as passport or driver’s license.

    Your privacy is important to us. In order to maintain your privacy, please ensure that you only provide us with information and/or documentation hat is necessary for us to process your request.

  • How do I upload my documents?


    Steps Actions
    • Print and complete the required form.
    • Ensure all information is completed and any supporting and relevant documents are available.
    • Please refer to the table above for documents currently accepted via Document Upload.

    Scan or take a picture of the complete document, including any supporting documents.

    You can choose to take a picture with your phone if you do not have a scanner available. Please ensure the document image is clear. Some forms can be completed online and saved as PDF.


    Log on to BOQ Internet Banking and continue on to Q Rewards/Other Card Functions.

    Click on Document Upload and submit your documents. 


  • What document file types are accepted?

    Valid file types include – PDF, DOC, JPEG (or JPG) and PNG.

  • Is there a limit on the size of files?

    Yes. Each file will need to be below the maximum size of 6MB. You will be able to upload a maximum of 3 documents per request. 

  • How long will the request take to complete?

    The time needed to action your request will vary depending on the type of request. We will generally complete the requests within 2-4 business days. 

  • Can I check on the status of my request?

    You can check on the status of your request if the request was submitted via the Document Upload section in Other Card Functions on BOQ Internet Banking.

    To check the status of your request log on to BOQ Internet Banking and continue on to Q Rewards/Other Card Functions. The status of your request will be shown when you click on the Document Upload icon, in the Uploaded Documents sections.