The following table shows which Internet Banking requests can be carried out against which products. 

Product Name Account Summary Txn History Transfer between registered accounts Pay Anyone/
Multi Payment
BPAY®and BPAY View® Payment File Upload [1] Order Stmt
Credit Card - MasterCard
Credit Card - Visa
Loans (credits only)
(includes Housing, Business & Personal Loans)
(Credits Only) (Credits Only)
Loans (redraw permitted)
(includes Housing, Business & Personal Loans)
Loans (view only, no credits or debits)
(includes Housing, Business & Personal Loans)
Day2Day Plus Account™
Reverse Charges Account™
Save to Win Account™
Mortgage Offset Account
WebSavings Account™
Easy Investment
Premier Investment
Bonus Interest Savings
Everyday Business
Business Cheque
Business Management
Business Investment, Cash Management Account - Business
Unlimited Business
Business WebSavings Account™
QLD Solicitor Trust
NSW Agents Trust,
NSW Solicitor Trust
CMA (Cash Management Account)
Line of Credit
Debtor Finance  No IB Access 
Home Equity Loan Plan (HELP I)
Home Equity Loan Plan (HELP II)
Pension Plus
Ultimate (all products)
BOQ Superannuation Savings Account

[1] The mechanism provided by Internet Banking is only used to upload a file (e.g. account is not debited). The rules about which accounts can be nominated on the Payments File Upload Facility (PFUF) are enforced manually during the Payments File Upload Facility registration process.